Career Portfolio Example & More

Below is a list of samples, templates, tutorials, etc. that will help you create powerful job search tools (e.g. traditional or guerrilla styple resumes, marketing tools, interviewing strategies, etc.) and enhance your overall job search skills.  To download a specific file, click on its link!

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SAMPLE Online Career Portfolio Website Built with NEW 9/25/11

NOTE:  If you want a tool to really help you sell yourself to employers, check out the above Online Career Portfolio Website example. This website provides compelling information to hiring managers, HR staff and recruiters that will make them want to interview and hire you. You can put the website link on your resume, cover, letter business cards and LinkedIn profile to get people to go to your Career Portfolio and be sold on your value.  Check it out and see!

Minus Suggestions on How to Use

NOTE: The above diagram is another job search marketing
to add to your bag of tricks. It can be embedded in a Innovative (Graphical) Resume or included as an attachment to a Standard Resume, displayed in a LinkedIn Profile with SlideShare, or used during pre-screen and in person interviews to explain what you do and why you're better at it than your competition.

You Can Diagram: 1) steps/stages in a process, 2) conceptual model, 3) organizational. structure, 4) methodology, 5) creative idea, 6) personal differentiators, 7) strategy map, or 8) anything else you're amazingly creative mind can dream up.